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Original 01/20/2016 01/20/2016 Cargo Insurance and Consular/Customs Duties & Fees
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 Published Date: 01/202016





Effective      1/20/2016      


Except as otherwise provided, rates and charges named in this Tariff do NOT include marine or any other cargo insurance maintained for the benefit of the cargo, NOR do they include any Consular or Customs Duties, Fees or Clearance Charges.     1. CONSULAR AND/OR CUSTOMS DUTIES & FEES:    


a.      The Shipper and Consignee shall be and will remain severally and jointly liable for all Consular and/or Customs Duties and/or Fees, along with all Customs Clearance Charges assessed upon the arrival of the cargo at destination or POD.  Cargo which cannot be cleared through Customs for any reason whatsoever, will be stored and/or warehoused by the Carrier at the risk and expense of the cargo, OR, returned to origin upon Shipper's instructions, OR, turned over to Customs Authorities without any further responsibility or liability on the part of the Carrier.     


b. Any damage, deterioration or loss of cargo, and any fine imposed by Customs Authorities or other legal authorities at destination, as a result of Shipper's, Consignee's or their authorized Agent's failure to comply with Customs or Consular regulations or requirements, or as a result of any errors or omissions in documentation or shipping information/instructions supplied to Carrier, shall be for  the account of the cargo.     


2. MARINE CARGO INSURANCE: Unless Shipper, Consignee or their authorized Agent specifically indicates in writing that cargo insurance on a shipment has been waived, the cargo insurance terms, conditions  and charges shown herein will be applied and assessed, which charge shall be in addition to all  other charges.          


a.      Cargo Insurance, including "All Risk Insurance" or "F.P.A." (Free from Particular Average)  insurance, and/or war risk insurance will be provided by Carrier on all cargo tendered for transportation service SBJ to the Insurance Charge named below, which charge shall be in addition to all other applicable charges.  Shipper, Consignee or their authorized Agent may request a copy of the actual terms and conditions of Carrier's cargo insurance policies in effect on the date of shipment, from the Carrier at the address provided in Rule 19 of this Tariff.     


b. Any Shipper or Consignee (or their authorized Agent) may decline and waive insurance coverage in writing on all, or on any individual, shipments tendered for transportation for the account of the Shipper or Consignee, provided such notice is received prior to the commencement of transportation service by Carrier; in such cases the Insurance Charge named below will be waived and not assessed.      


c. Shipper, Consignee or their authorized Agent are requested to use Carrier's "Instruction on Shipper Insurance" form to accept or waive cargo insurance.  Once signed and forwarded to the Carrier, Carrier will keep the Shipper's or Consignee's "Instruction on Shipper Insurance" form on  file and in cases where cargo insurance has been declined will waive cargo insurance and cargo  insurance charges on all shipments transported for the account of the Shipper or Consignee until and  unless Carrier receives a new form changing Shipper's or Consignee's instructions.  Shipper, Consignee or their authorized Agent may make an exception to their general cargo insurance instructions on an individual shipment basis PROVIDED, Shipper, Consignee or their authorized Agent notifies Carrier in writing (including by email) prior to the commencement of transportation service.  In all cases where Cargo Insurance has been accepted and/or requested the charges named herein will be assessed, which charge shall be in addition to all other applicable charges.        


INSURANCE CHARGE:  Except as otherwise provided on individual web rate pages, the following is the currently effective Insurance Charge Carrier will assess for providing insurance coverage under Carrier's policies:                                            




                                 TYPE OF         INSURANCE        MIN. CHARGE       PORTS &                                  INSURANCE         CHARGE #       PER SHIPMENT      POINTS IN:                        PROVIDED                                                 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Ports & Points named in Rules 1: All Types         US$ 1.65        US$ 20.00     -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Insurance Charge applies in Dollars and Cents per each $100 of declared Valuation, plus Freight Charges, plus 10% (ten percent).