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Original 01/20/2016 01/20/2016 Packing, Packaging, and Marks
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 Published Date: 01/202016




Effective 1/20/16                


When a specific method, type or size of packing or packaging is specified in an individual TLI (Rate Item) named in this Tariff, such rate will ONLY apply on shipments of the commodity so packed or packaged. Additionally, all shipments will be SUBJECT to the following packing and marking provisions:      


a. All shipments tendered to Carrier for transportation MUST be packed in a manner that will insure safe transportation with ordinary care and due diligence on the part of the Carrier.  Such packing shall at least meet the standards set for shipping within the boundaries of the United States, and shall at least be, in the sole judgment of the Carrier, adequate to protect the cargo from damage during ordinary handling and ocean transportation.  Carrier will assume no liability for any damage to cargo caused by negligent, improper or inadequate packing or packaging.      


b. Except on FCL shipments subject to Rule 2.23 ("Shipper Load, Stow and Count") each individual piece, package, carton, bundle or unit included in a shipment MUST bear in a clear and legible manner: Marks and Numbers (which marks and numbers together with the place of destination MUST appear on the Shipper's Receipts and B/Ls), Place of destination and Origin (including country), the Name and Address of the Consignee, Shipper and notify party, and the Gross weight of each piece, package or unit.  In the case of a shipment moving on an "Order Notify" B/L, or which is consigned "C.O.D.," each piece, package, carton, bundle or unit MUST also be marked accordingly.  The Carrier will NOT be responsible for Shipper's failure to observe the marking regulations of the destination country, NOR for the accuracy of Shipper furnished labels and/or information used to prepare such labels.     


c. Any single article, which, by its nature, may be shipped without danger of damage in ordinary handling while lacking boxing, crating or wrapping will be accepted as suitably packed for transportation when tendered to the Carrier without boxing, crating, wrapping or other packaging.