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Revision 1 02/09/2016 03/03/2019  MINIMUM OCEAN FREIGHT BILL OF LADING CHARGE

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Except as otherwise provided on individual Web Rate Pages, the Minimum Charge for a single shipment moving on a single Bill of Lading named in this Tariff Rate Section will be as listed below.  This M/C is INCLUSIVE of BAF, B/L Fee (Rule 2.8.e), LFSF, LND, SEC & PSS Charges, but is EXCLUSIVE all other additional Arbitrary Charges or Surcharges.  
To Ports and Points in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands:              
USD 20.00 per B/L for shipments not exceeding 2.0 cft  
                                                                                  USD 30.00 per B/L for shipments exceeding 2.0 cft but not                      
exceeding 7.0 cft  
USD 45.00 per B/L for shipments exceeding 7.0 cft but not                    exceeding 12.0 cft   
USD 45.00 per B/L for shipments exceeding 12.0 cft but Not                    exceeding 20 cft.            
On Shipments not exceeding 20 cft FROM San Juan,             
             Puerto Rico ONLY the Minimum Charge Shall be:
             SD 40.00 per B/L.      
Shipments exceeding 20 cft are NSbj to any Ocean Freight 
            Minimum Charge (i.e. Freight Charges EXCLUSIVE of all             Additional Charges.      
On Shipments moving on Time-Volume Rates named in this              
Tariff Section, tendered to Carrier at a Carrier                      nominated CFS location in the NY Origin Group (as defined              
in the governing Location Group Tariff) - (this Exception              exemption will also take precedence over any M/C, B/L              Processing and/or DOCF exceptions named in any TVR Rate              Item named herein):                  
     Single shipments, moving on a single B/L, which include 
cargo loaded and tendered to Carrier in one or more Barrels,                and which includes not more than 15 cft and/or 1999 lbs. of              cargo loaded and tendered to Carrier packed other than in              Barrels, will NOT be SBJ to the Minimum B/L charge named              in this Rule.  Freight charges on such shipments will be              calculated and assessed per the applicable weight or              measure rate named the TVR Rate shown in this Tariff              Section, SBJ to all applicable Surcharges and Accessorial              Charges named in this Tariff Section, EXCEPT such shipments              will also NOT be SBJ to the B/L Processing Fee named in Rule              2.8.e.