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For over 35 years, Caribtrans has been providing complete cargo service to the Caribbean. Our commitment to provide our customers with a reliable and hassle-free freight forwarding service knows no bounds. We ship by air, land, and sea to provide on-time arrivals regardless of your cargo's size, location, or special requirements. Our most popular services include Ocean Freight, Air freight, Overland, and LCL Receiving, all of which are tailor-made to meet your shipping needs. We also pride ourselves in our additional service offerings that ensure your shipping experience never falls below the consistent excellence you expect and deserve. 
Tropic Island

Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight delivery is the core of our entire business. We have years of experience shipping cargo of any kind to the Caribbean on state-of-the-art vessels.

Air Cargo Service

Air Freight

Our Air Freight service is designed to deliver your cargo in record time. We fly cargo to the same destinations we serve by sea to ensure quick shipments in the most efficient way possible.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance

Accidents happen, but we have you covered. Protect your cargo with top-level cargo insurance at an affordable price.

LCL Receiving Service

LCL Receiving

No distance is too far. We are able to get your cargo from anywhere in the US or Canada to our main port in Florida.


Our ground transportation paired with our LCL Receiving Terminals ensures that we can get your cargo from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada to our shipping port in Miami.

Additional Shipping Services

Additional Services

We offer a range of additional services to ensure every shipping need is met from start to finish.