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Effective 1/20/16         
Except as otherwise provided in individual TLIs of this Tariff, the maximum charge per LCL or AQ shipment (per single B/L) shall either be the amount specified below or the applicable lump sum per container rate specified in this Tariff, SBJ to the provisions below:  
Except as otherwise provided, maximum freight charges per dry cargo shipment from one Shipper to one Consignee, that can be loaded into one non-exclusive use container/trailer, will be assessed as follows:     
Destination      Per TEU ex SFLA Per TEU ex NATL MAX CFT       MAX LBS  
Saint Croix      $2121.00         $3121.00         850 CFT       40,000 LBS  
Saint Thomas     $2121.00         $3121.00        850 CFT       40,000 LBS  Saint John   $2421.00          $3421.00        850 CFT           40,000 LBS        
NOTE 1: Maximum Charge is INCLUSIVE of applicable Bunker Surcharge named in Rule 10.1.     
* - SBJ to Rule 2.41.